How To Create Blog On Google Blogger

Welcome back to CreemHost ! today we will learn how to create own blog website on Google Blogger for free and you can also earn money from Google Blogger with Google AdSense

Create Wix Website

How To Connect Custom Domain With Google Blogger Click Here

Requirements For Create A Blog On Google Blogger

  • Google Account- Click Here For Create Google Account
  • Some Knowledge Of Internet

After create Google Account please follow below steps for creating blog

Step 1. Go to and click on create your blog

Create blog on google blogger


Step 2. Login with your email and choose blog title & click on next button

Create blog on google blogger

Step 3. Choose your blog address/URL & click on next button

Step 4. Choose your display name & click on next

After this process your blog will be created


Step 5. For checking your blog click on View Blog


Your blog homepage show in new tab and you can check your homepage design in new tab see below screenshot


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