How To Change Domain Name Servers In CreemHost

Welcome back to CreemHost knowledge base blog, today we will share with you how to change domain name servers in CreemHost domain, Friends this is very simple but for beginners maybe its difficult therefore we share this method step by step.

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Follow Below Step To Change Name Server

Friends first of you must need to login in clientarea click on below button for login.

Login To Clientarea

After clicking on above button you must to enter your account email and password and then click on login button.

How To Change Domain Name Servers

After login then click on domains box

After clicking on domain box then select your domain name for updating name servers

Change Domain Name Servers

After click on domain name then click on Nameservers

Change Domain Name Servers

After clicking on Nameservers then follow below 3 steps

  1. Click on use custom Nameservers
  2. Enter Nameservers
  3. Click on change Nameservers

Change Domain Nameservers

After clicking on Change Nameservers your domain nameserevrs will be updated in few hours you can check your domain name nameservers on website.

If your domain nameservers not updated in few hours then please open support ticket we will fix your issue.

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