How To Redirect Domain To Another Domain From cPanel

Welcome back to CreemHost knowledge base blog, today we will learn in this tutorial how to redirect domain to another domain from cPanel, friends we will share 2 methods for domain directions from cPanel & htacess , check these methods and try easy one.

Method 1: From cPanel

Friends if you using cPanel then use this method, this method is very easy if you are not using cPanel then you can try method 2 so follow below steps for method 1.

Step 1: Login to your cPanel and search domain in cPanel search box and click on “Domains”

Redirect Domain To Another Domain


Step 2: After clicking on domains then click on “Manage”

Redirect Domain To Another Domain From cPane


Step 3: Then Click On “Modify The Redirects”

Redirect Old Domain To New Domain


Step 4: There Are 4 Steps Check In Below Screen Shot

Select Redirect Type: Permanent

Then Select Old Domain

Then Enter New Domain

After That Click On Add Button

How To Redirect Domain To Another Domain


Friends after clicking on Add button domain redirect process will completed after that your old domain will redirect to your new domain and if you face any issue then please leave a comment we will reply soon.


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