Create and Connect cPanel Email With Gmail

Welcome to creemhost, today w will learn how to create and connect cPanel email with gmail, its very easy just follow below steps.

Step 1. Login to cPanel and click on Email Accounts


Step 2. Click On Create Button


Step 3. Put Username and Password & Click On Create Button

Please Note: Save email password on notepad for latter use


Step 4. Then Click On Connect Devices

Step 5. Then Save Email Configuration On Notepad For Latter Use


Step 6. Login To Gmail & Click On Setting Icon & Click On see all settings


Step 7. Then Click Accounts & Import and Click on Import mail and contacts


Step 8. Now Put Your Domain Email And Click On Continue


Step 9. Now Put Email Pass & Email Username & POP Server Click On Continue


Step 10. Now Click On Start Import


Its Done, now Gmail sync automatically all email from cPanel email.

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